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We are a software development and consulting company with a focus on 3D geoinformation and open source technologies. From the smallest to the largest questions, we help you with applied research and engineering work.

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3DGI is a commercial spin-off of the world-leading 3D Geoinformation Research Group of TU Delft. After years of research and development work, we realized there is a need for accessibility and continuity beyond the scope of academic research projects. We maintain close ties with the group which enables us to access the embedded know-how and make it available to you. Furthermore, 3DGI can provide continued support and development to make sure that the research results are well integrated in your product. Our mission is to advance and facilitate the use of 3D geoinformation in daily practice.

Our services

Our environment built in 3D with open source technologies

Geoflow 3D reconstruction software

Automatic LoD2 building reconstruction

As the creators of the tools behind the 3D BAG and the 3D Baseregistration of the Netherlands, we have deep expertise in 3D reconstruction of the built environment. With our open source building reconstruction tool, you can generate 3D building models in Level of Detail 1.2, 1.3 and 2.2 fully automatically. We provide support services for questions about running the tool, tuning its parameters, and implementing new features. We can also run the tool for you using your data. Get in touch with us for the details.

3D BAG maintenance and customisation

The award-winning 3D BAG is an up-to-date, open data set containing 3D building models of the Netherlands. Initially developed during our tenure at the 3D Geoinformation Group, it is now officially maintained by 3DGI. We can help to integrate the 3D BAG into your product, develop new features or combine it with other data sets. With our experience and well-established workflow we can deliver your requirements efficiently.

3D BAG maintentance and customisation
3D geoinformation consulting, research and development

3D geoinformation consulting, research and development

We help you to leverage 3D geoinformation, let it be testing a concept or process or enchancing your products through prototype development. From early stage R&D software to proof of concept applications, we can build new algorithms that are tailored to your needs. With many years of experience in research and engineering at the leading 3D Geoinformation Research Group at TU Delft, we have the know-how to find solutions that fits the smallest of projects or even the largest ones. We researched and developed the tools and knowledge that are now fundamental to the 3D base registrations of the Netherlands, the 3D basisvoorziening, the 3D Geluid, the 3D BAG. Due to our close ties to the 3D Geoinformation Research Group, we are uniquely positioned to leverage the full know-how of the group and make it available to you.

CityJSON and 3D data distribution

We help you getting your 3D data accross as efficiently as possible so that it can make an impact. Whether you need assistance in implementing open standards in your product or process, developing a custom Extension, developing storage and software solutions based on CityJSON, we can help you. We have been involved in the development of CityJSON since its beginnings and we are co-editors of the standard itself. We have extensive experience in implementing CityJSON in a variety of programming languages and environments.

CityJSON and 3D data distribution